Affirmations Don’t Do A Damn Thing

As boss chicks we’re all pretty positive right? And we know even when things look bleak we state our affirmations, we start affirming, decreeing and declaring!

But secretly do you ever feel like your affirmations, your decreeing and declaring is simply mocking you?

Even with your decrees and declarations, all of your positive affirmations:

  • Are you still up at night worried about money, or how you’re going to make ends meet;
  • Did the client you were praying for suddenly fall through
  • The launch you were counting on suddenly fall flat;
  • Were you passed up for the promotion; or
  • Find yourself giving, giving, giving, but not getting back in return?

You’re not alone. (Hey take a look at the feature picture….that is my destination wedding spot….and I will continue to affirm it!)

So many of us rely on our conscious thoughts (our affirmations, our declarations) as the key to getting all that we want out of life, but we often do not acknowledge our subconscious thoughts, our emotions, our programmed limitations, or limiting beliefs, which are running at a constant background hum with unchecked self-talk that is saying what you deserve, what you are capable of earning, how much you can receive.

So what happens when you are affirming a million dollar idea and your subconscious mind is running in the background saying, ‘Who do you think you are? You’re not that special.’  What do you think happens when that positive outward statement and that negative inward statement collide?


You guessed it…you stay exactly where you are at right now…your set point.

It’s not that the positive affirmations and the decrees and declarations don’t work….it’s simply that the programmed limiting beliefs, the accompanying emotions, and negative self-talk are literally coursing through your nervous system day in and day out….completely unchecked.

Once you get eyes on this programming, and how it came to be, you can effectively clear out the negative emotions and habitual self-talk that is happening beneath the surface.

That is why I’m so passionate about my work as a Transformational Wealth and Intentional Living Strategist.  Guiding women to transform to the most powerful, dynamic, magnetically congruent and wealthy version of themselves is my purpose.

Gorgeous let me know if this post resonated with you in the comments below!


Published by Keisha Dixon

Keisha Dixon is a transformational wealth coach and the creator of Monetize Your Mind Success System. With Tapping Into Wealth and John Maxwell Coaching Certifications, Keisha guides women to shatter their internal glass ceiling, for an increase in income and confidence, so they can really start enjoying life.

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