Loyal or Rebellious, This Is Affecting Your Money

Are you A Loyalist, or A Rebel?

What am I talking about? Well, your money set point. If you’re wondering what on earth that is, your set point is simply where your money is now.

The interesting part is how and why it became that way. Because like anything, folks, you need awareness before you can clear it.

This one is all about your history. Where the beliefs began. With your parents.

I want you to really think about this. As a child:

  • How money was discussed, or not as the case may be?
  • What expressions do you notice, thinking back to things like income and bills being discussed?
  • What emotions do you remember? Was there anged, sadness or maybe even a void or vacuum?

Through working with my clients (and working through this myself) I’ve seen that there are 2 camps.

The Loyalists

They have an INTENSE loyalty to their parents. They understand that their parents did their best, despite the struggles.

They may have totally different upbringings, totally different lives and yet they will still match their set points to be in line with their parents.

Limiting themselves as if to say, “I know you did the best you could. You were right. I won’t get ahead of you, I won’t hurt you. I’ll stay loyal to you”

When we say it out loud we can see how none of this makes logical sense but our subconscious is not working with logic!

The Rebels

These guys’ battle cry is “I WILL NEVER BE LIKE THEM” <– this was so me!

Everything about the way their parents handled money turns these guys off. And honestly, these types of clients have the ability to make massive amounts of money.

But guess what? Something ALWAYS happens and they lose it all. Boom and bust right back down to their parents’ level.

The sweet spot in creating your wealth reality is in disassociating yourself from your parents’ money paradigm. It is not about anyone being good or bad parents.

It is not about whether your parents were “good” or “bad” with money.

It’s not YOUR story. And you can never have the power to create your wealth reality with someone else’s story as your standard.

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