This is my year of Jubilee.  What comes to mind when you hear the word Jubilee.  Is it happiness, joy, freedom, the ultimate gift of utter fulfillment or celebration?

For me, the word Jubilee was the name of the first horse (and only to date) horse i ever owned.  A dapple gray mare, one which I gave up when I discovered I was pregnant with my firstborn (that’s a money story for another day).

But later on about eight years ago I learned the true definition of Jubilee.  For me the true definition is the biblical definition.  It is:

The Jubilee is the Emancipation

A trumpet blast of liberty.woman blowing the shhofar

 The Jubilee then came every fifty years.  When the trumpet sounded on the fiftieth year, liberty would be proclaimed “throughout the land to all its inhabitants” and then all of the property that had been taken by others for unpaid debts would have to be returned to the original families.  

All those who were enslaved would have to be set free.  There was also the command to give the land a rest from its labor of producing for the people. 

Jubilee is freedom from what enslaves you.   As announced at a trumpet blast,  I am announcing, as it is my 50th year, this is my year of Jubilee, and without standing on ceremony I announce it can your year of Jubilee as well.

This is our season of emancipation from limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck.  This is our season of restoration of wealth, relationships, health, and over all well being.   This is our year to be freed from the enslaveement of debt, of insecurity, from low self esteem, from self-criticism, doubt, failure and isolation.  For years, I have been enslaved by limiting beliefs that has affected every area of my life:  my money, my career, my relationships, my health, my weight, my choices….and I proclaim loudly that this is the year of my Jubilee and you are welcome to join me.

As I prepared for my year of Jubilee, I found EFT (commonly referred to as Tapping) to be the modality I turned to time and time again.  It has worked for me as well as for my 1:1 clients in turning down the flight or fight response, the stress response, so that you can function with clarity.  I have also found that it nullifies and completely renders useless the limiting beliefs that we have held onto, those limiting beliefs that leave you enslaved in a circumstance that no longer serves you. 

What-was-the-year-of-JubileeEnslaved in:

  • debt;
  • insecurity;
  • low self-esteem;
  • overweight;
  • poor eating habits;
  • self-critical;
  • isolation; and
  • fear of failure

just to name a few. 

Tapping works.  It simply works, and has been used to treat soldiers who previously suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) .  Because Tapping calms down the fight or flight response, it deregulates the feelings, physical reactions and programmed beliefs that often go unchecked, and course through our nervous system everytime we think about our money, our savings, our  income, our goals,  our relationships, our body,  our weight, our souls purpose; our passion and our overall well-being.

As I worked with my clients this year, one thing I would often hear is while they knew the power of Tapping and that Tapping really changed things for them, they often ran out of time during the day to actually take the time to tap, or they weren’t really certain what to say when they tapped.    Oh that tricky lizard brain of ours, always trying to protect us from change.

Since I know what to say when Tapping, and have a talent for getting to core issues rather quickly, and a persistance for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to living fully,  I determined for my year of Jubilee that I would tap daily for 1-5 minutes a day, unconditionally, and hold the space to be your accountability partner…and that is how Live Fully and Completely On Purpose, 365 Daily Tapping Audios Sent To Your Inbox was created.  It was created from my determination that this is my year of Jubilee. My year of freedom and emancipation.   

Click on the link below to join me and Live Fully and Completely on Purpose over the next 365 days as we experience the compound benefits of tapping.

It Is Time For Jubilee!

The theme of our Jubilee is wholeness and completeness on purpose.  Over the next 365 days you will receive a daily tapping audio directly from me, the tapping queen, and as your accountability partner we will tap together for 1-5 minutes a day.  I announce that this is the season of your Jubilee!

2017 Is Coming To A Close

Get ready, get ready, get ready 2017 is coming to a close which can only mean one thing….every coach out there and their mother, and their first cousin is going to be posting about Goals, Goal Setting, Make Your Goal, Hit Your Goal and why you need XYZ to hit those goals.


and you know I’m right.

So how did you do with your 2017 goals….did you hit them all?

believeI believe in goal setting.   I really do, but there is a part of goal setting that really sucks….and that is the fear of failing.

Has this ever happened to you?   You’ve set a goal, and you shared it with your friends and family and they just thought you just lost it, thought you were losing your mind,  and they tried to reel you back in, but you just couldn’t be stopped.  You were going for yours, you were going to take what was yours, it felt just within your reach.

So much so that you spent all your time, all of your energy, all of your resources,  and all of your money towards this goal and


low and behold….it just didn’t pan out, didn’t work out, your huge goal fell flat.   Perhaps you needed more direction, more guidance, or maybe you just had too much going on at the time.

n-WOMAN-PAPER-BAG-ON-HEAD-628x314And there you are, left holding the bag, holding on to the shame.  And that feels lousy.

You know what happens next?

You never, ever, ever again show up with the same level of enthusiasm and the same level of trust again when approaching your goals.    Because of the residual sticky residue of:

  • failure,
  • guilt;  and
  • shame

that stays with you on a cellular level.  Until you clear it.   And that is where EFT (Tapping) really comes in handy!  At clearing the trauma you experience after a failed goal.

So we’ve already established that  EVERYBODY is going to be talking about goals over the next week or so….and I’m pretty confident that 92% of the people reading this blog, will set a goal.  So let’s just get it over with now, ok?

Write down your ONE HUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGE goal for 2018.

Look at it, breathe it in and focus in on what you are feeling, what are some of the thoughts and beliefs that come up for you?

Are you hearing words like:  “It’s impossible” or “this can happen for other people but not me”; or “this is just a pipe dream?”

Are you feeling some: excitement; or fear; or confusion; or perhaps some doubt?

Are you wondering who you would have to be in order to have your HUGE goal succeed?

Write it all down.

Everything you have written is exactly why you haven’t hit this goal yet or the thoughts and limiting beliefs that will try and block you for hitting your huge goal.  So are you ready to let it go?

Good.  First, I want you to look at that goal again.  And say out loud “It’s Impossible”.  How true does that feel to you on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not true at all and 10 being I must be a fool to believe I could even reach this goal.  Write down your number.

Now, tapping through the points, here’s a tapping script to clear the limiting belief of “It’s Impossible”

It’s impossible
There is  No way!
No how!
It’s crazy! It’s too much!
It is way too much
This goal is too big!
How could I even get to that goal?
It’s impossible
And I know it’s impossible
I believe that this is impossible
It’s just way too big
It’s too big for God
It’s too big for the Universe
It’s too big for the Law of Attraction
It’s too big for me
No one has ever made this kind of goal
Well, some people have
But not me!
Not in a million years
It’s impossible
I know this because I can predict the future with accuracy
And I’ve never been wrong about anything
And I always know what’s going to happen
And I’m telling you there’s no way this is possible
There’s no way this will ever come to pass

Ok, now take a deep breath and re-rate how you feel when you say out loud about this goal “it’s impossible”.  The intensity should have gone down.  Keep tapping on the round above until the intensity is somewhere between a 0-3.  Now let’s move on to the positive round:

Tapping through all the points using the following phrases:

I still don’t believe it’s completely possible
I mean, it seems outrageous
But I’m choosing to be open
To the limitless possibilities found in the  universe
To the limitless possibilities beyond what I can currently see
I am somehow having faith
That everything I need to accomplish this goal
Will surprise me by occurring in the right way at the right time
Isn’t it wonderful when resources appear?
Impossible things happen every day
Miracles happen every day
What if I could just open myself up to the possibility
And focus on it with a positive intent
Allowing it to come into my reality
As outrageous as that sounds?
I choose to be outrageous!
I choose to be outrageous!

So now, take a deep breath and notice how much more excitement you are feeling about what’s possible!

I’m looking forward to hearing about those goals you’ve tapped through and conquered!



Consuetudo pro lege servatur * much?

Hi Beautiful — tell me, how do you really feel about money?

woman questioningAs a transformational wealth and intentional living strategist, and from working in legal management for a few decades I often hear, “I don’t know how to make more money”, “why am I not making more money” and “I need more money….”

So I ask my clients “how do you really feel about money?”

This often takes the lawyers, the yoga instructors, the entrepreneurs, you know all those bosschicks that make up my client base, a bit by surprise.

I hear of course “I want more money Keisha, that why I’m working with you, Keisha, I need more money, I want more money….”

Consuetudo pro lege servatur * much?

We all have our early money stories, even 6 figure earning bosschicks. That’s why we do a money mapping to discover all the hidden stories we have that come into play every time we even think about money. Stories like:

  • “people like us /people like them”;
  • “you work hard for your money”;
  • “the love of money is evil”;
  • “there is never enough money”;
  • “money can’t buy love, happiness, you fill in the blank”….

All  those generational stories that have been deeply embed into our core by well-meaning generations of our family, type stories (or on the flip side those generational curse type stories…selah)

Well, is it any wonder that struggling with money, even for 6 figure earners is simply our  modus operandi?

My clients quickly discover that changing their money, means changing their story, and together we leave no stone unturned.

Isn’t it time to rewrite your story?

*legalese for: the customs of the place and time will have the force of law.


Affirmations Don’t Do A Damn Thing

As boss chicks we’re all pretty positive right? And we know even when things look bleak we state our affirmations, we start affirming, decreeing and declaring!

But secretly do you ever feel like your affirmations, your decreeing and declaring is simply mocking you?

Even with your decrees and declarations, all of your positive affirmations:

  • Are you still up at night worried about money, or how you’re going to make ends meet;
  • Did the client you were praying for suddenly fall through
  • The launch you were counting on suddenly fall flat;
  • Were you passed up for the promotion; or
  • Find yourself giving, giving, giving, but not getting back in return?

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