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This is my year of Jubilee.  What comes to mind when you hear the word Jubilee.  Is it happiness, joy, freedom, the ultimate gift of utter fulfillment or celebration? For me, the word Jubilee was the name of the first horse (and only to date) horse i ever owned.  A dapple gray mare, one which I gave up when I discovered I was pregnant … Read More Jubilee

2017 Is Coming To A Close

Get ready, get ready, get ready 2017 is coming to a close which can only mean one thing….every coach out there and their mother, and their first cousin is going to be posting about Goals, Goal Setting, Make Your Goal, Hit Your Goal and why you need XYZ to hit those goals. and you know I’m right. So how did you do with your … Read More 2017 Is Coming To A Close


Affirmations Don’t Do A Damn Thing

As boss chicks we’re all pretty positive right? And we know even when things look bleak we state our affirmations, we start affirming, decreeing and declaring! But secretly do you ever feel like your affirmations, your decreeing and declaring is simply mocking you? Even with your decrees and declarations, all of your positive affirmations: Are you still up at night worried about money, or … Read More Affirmations Don’t Do A Damn Thing