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Are You Alone This Holiday Season?

It’s the week after Thanksgiving here in the US, and we have officially entered into the holiday season. A season of love, gratitude, joy and peace. And for some of us it is a very difficult season to be in. Especially if you are alone. Most especially if you find yourself suddenly alone. What do I mean by that? You were in a relationship. … Read More Are You Alone This Holiday Season?

Love Trauma

Have you ever loved, I mean really loved, only to have your heart broken?     You gave your all to the relationship, and were completely blindsided by the breakup?  Perhaps he/she: cheated stopped returning calls, or called it quits, and you simply did not see it coming. Yes, maybe there were signs, but you ignored them.  Perhaps your family or friends warned you … Read More Love Trauma

My Internet Went Down Minutes Before The Show

Yesterday 10 minutes before  my first live broadcast of  my radio show, What About Me was scheduled to begin, the unthinkable happened my internet went down. I certainly felt the stress of it.   When I first went into business for myself, I thought I would primarily miss the golden handcuffs, you know the paycheck.  Turns out, what I really miss is IT support. I’m … Read More My Internet Went Down Minutes Before The Show