Hi, I’m Keisha Dixon


15676195_10154782780953428_8417854211794223714_oHi, I’m Keisha Dixon and I have lived this—where you are, at this moment in time, wringing your hands over tomorrow.


As a single mother of 6, I was earning a six-figure salary and still experienced financial stress, worry and anxiety.    I was embarrassed to talk about it and thought there to be no reasonable way out. But there was —and thankfully, I found it.


And, for some of the most influential women, just like you, my unwavering passion has been to pay my miracle forward, by guiding them, as clients, into the permanent shattering of their patterns and disempowerment around money.


As a Transformational Wealth Coach, I take great joy in releasing frustrated women, like you, from the chains that bind your achievements, health, and emotions, by guiding you to shatter your internal glass ceiling and to intentionally, level up your success, money and personal empowerment, in order to achieve lasting, personal and professional success.


So if you’re ready to experience massive growth in your income, without the roadblocks and heartaches I had to deal with, you’re in the right place!

It's not just about the money. It's about stepping into your leadership. It's about the MOVEMENT you were created to create.


I help you create that through my Monetize Your Mind Success System and The Brilliant Life Coaching Program.


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