Let’s tap


Tapping has been known to:

  • reduce the fight or flight response
  • dissolve limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • re-programme negative self-talk that typically goes unchecked
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • clear your mind
  • focus your attention on the present
  • increase creativity
  • improve mindset around wealth, health, relationships, goal setting, organization, visibility, and time management
  • improve general attitude


 Check out my Tapping Queen TV  for some inspiration or follow the steps below:


  • Start with the situation or physical condition concerning you
  • Rate how you feel on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest
  • Use two – four fingers to tap with your dominant hand (the hand you write with)
  • Tap with your fingertips, not nails
  • Use a firm but gentle pressure as if tapping on a table
  • Start by tapping on the karate chop, take a deep breath
  • Tap 7-8 times on each point
  • Take another deep breath, think about how you feel now on a scale 1-10…have you noticed a shift? A reduction? If your anxiety is still above 3, do another round
  • Keep tapping until you feel better about your situation and ready to reprogram your mind to the positive
  • Now comes the positive phrases – using the same tapping techniques as above


You are now changing the body’s biochemistry and energy into a more positive direction.

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