Money Mapping Session

Do you need IMMEDIATE HELP earning money in your new business?  

Has your debt reached higher heights?

Did your savings account sink to deeper depths?

If you can answer yes, than this 60 minute Money Mapping Session is for you! 

This 60 minute session is for people who need HELP with their money mindset NOW.

What exactly does that mean?  Well….

  • If your positive affirmations haven’t moved the comma in your savings account;
  • If your working hard and living the ‘dream’ has only increased in the comma in your debt;
  • If you’ve found that no matter how many courses, books, strategies or webinars you have taken to level up, your income has only stayed the same; and
  • If you have money one day and the next day it’s gone.

Then you are in DIRE NEED of a Money Mapping Session.  

In this 60 minute session you will discover exactly why you don’t have more money AND create powerful new actions that will break that pattern. 


And by break that pattern, I mean:

  • Break free from overwhelming debt;
  • Break free from depleted savings; and
  • Break free from confusion when it comes to YOUR money.


This EMERGENCY 60 minute session is for anyone who needs HELP NOW in getting or keeping their money. 

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In this you 60 Minute session you will receive “AHA” moments of clarity as you get completely clear about the emotions and programmed beliefs attached to your money and MOST IMPORTANTLY you’ll walk away with concrete tools and strategy  for working through them right NOW.



Ms. Dixon has changed my mind about money. Through her money mapping I have learned my past mistakes and recognized some positive as well as negative patterns in my utilization and thinking about money. She is a master at her craft. I  recommend her to EVERYONE!!! – Ms. Nyenye Jordan, Author and OnLine Entrepreneur

I am by nature a super private person, and was surprised how open and engaging I was with Keisha during our “Money Mapping” session.  I felt at ease, connected and understood, feeling no judgment or reprimand attached to any of my responses.  I love the personalized Tapping Script Keisha prepared and sent me after our session.  The script really helped me identify how I was only operating on the surface with regards to many of my financial choices.  Having the Tapping Script to refer to has really helped me identify what was really going on behind a lot of my financial decisions.  The Script gives me the words and a voice that speaks to the core of what was holding me back and dictating many of my financial decisions.  The Tapping slows me down, allowing me to focus my attention and energy on seeing beyond the surface.  The Tapping Script continues to help reshape and redirect my financial choices, which yes, has given me more money, but more importantly it has given me more options. – Kitty Sullivan, Brooklyn New York

Money Mapping (1)Book Your Money Mapping Session


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