Are You Alone This Holiday Season?

It’s the week after Thanksgiving here in the US, and we have officially entered into the holiday season. A season of love, gratitude, joy and peace.

And for some of us it is a very difficult season to be in.

Especially if you are alone. Most especially if you find yourself suddenly alone.

relationshipsWhat do I mean by that? You were in a relationship. You gave it your all.  You compromised. Actually compromise is an understatement.


You conceded on everything.

You put your partner first in everything.

Put the relationship first in everything.

You were so in love, and it felt great, mostly, except you were always holding your breath a bit.

Holding your breath just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Holding your breath, just waiting for the other shoe to drop, while being there for him.

You know, being the listening ear.

The ever ready support system.

You went out of your way, just holding your breaath, content to make the best of his limited time and limited communication you received back.   You, in typical fashion, made a a meal from crumbs.

To be honest, it wasn’t even a hard sell. No one held a gun to your head. You happily handed yourself over.

So he would stay.

So he would recognize that you are good enough.

So that he would realize he made the right choice in being with you.

So you could finally prove that you were worth loving.

And then, as your breathless luck would have it, the other shoe dropped.  He left.

He. Left. You. blindsided,  hurt, and mad. Mad as hell, because it was so unfair.


And it was unfair, becuase you gave so much of yourself, you forgot who you are.

Forgot who I am, Keisha, what do you mean? Well, let me show you:

Answer this question within 3 secs:

What do you like to do alone?


Yeah, see if you have to think more than 3 seconds to answer the question “what do you like to do alone,” you have lost connection with yourself.  And that is unfair.   When you are not connected with yourself, it is impossible to make decisions or choices that are aligned and in your best interest.

Why would I write this? Why would I be so mean as to have you take a look at this? Because when you can see it clearly, it is no longer a blindspot, it is no longer hidden. When you get your eyes on this pattern in your past relationships, you can transform your future relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.

I’m also shining this light of clarity on this issue so that you know you are not by yourself in this.   According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the number of people who are “un-partnered” has risen to 61 percent from 56 percent over the past decade.

I recently discussed this with Sandra Oliver Corsco on my live broadcast of What About Me?   Sandra is the founder and president of SuddenlyFree.Life.  Saundra coaches women who find themselves suddenly free, or suddently alone, whether from seperation, divorce or widowed.  Sandra fast tracks their succcessful independence and decision making through her international retreats.

In case you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the replay right HERE as Sandra offers practical tips on getting through the holiday season alone.

If you related to the holding your breath pattern of being in a relationship, take a look at how that shows up in your money.   Is your quest for money have you holding your breath  wondering:

  • Am I good enough for money;
  • Am I making the right choices when it comes to money;
  • Am I (or do I) provide enough value for money?;

or is money leaving you feeling:

  • blindsided;
  • hurt; and
  • mad as hell

Ready to change that?  I’m Keisha Dixon, transformational wealth coach and creator of the Monetize Your Mind Success System.  I guide women to double their income, working the hours they want, doing what they love.  If you are ready to start living the life of your dreams, reach out to me at — let’s have a conversation, explore your endless possibilities  and determine if we should work together to get you there.

Love Trauma

Have you ever loved, I mean really loved, onlrelationshipsy to have your heart broken?



You gave your all to the relationship, and were completely blindsided by the breakup? 

Perhaps he/she:

  • cheated
  • stopped returning calls,
  • or called it quits,

and you simply did not see it coming.


Yes, maybe there were signs, but you ignored them.  Perhaps your family or friends warned you and told you that something was amiss.  But you kept on, let your heart lead, and you believed. 

You really believed.  You believed in the relationship and in your heart.  And bam, you were let down, left alone, disappointed and heart broken.  

And it hurt. 

It really hurt and nobody really gets it.  Nobody really understands how much it hurt.

close up photo of woman with black and purple eye shadow
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Ever since that day, you vowed, deep inside yourself, to

Never to be that naive again. Never really trust again.  Never to really trust your heart agaian.  Never to fully trust in another again.  You vowed to never really believe, again.

Yes,there have been other relationships since, but you have a wall up, surrounding your heart. 

We’ve all heard the expression — his heart wasn’t in it, right?   Well, when your walls surround your heart, you never really allow yourself to feel the full depth of love and it is impossible for others to truly connect with you either.  To truly feel you, and feel connected with you.

Which is unfortunate, because we were made, we were created to be in relationship. 

To be in relationship with ourselves, and with others. 

Our   ‘walled heart’ blocks truly loving relationship with yourself and with others.  And deep down, you may not want to admit a need to be in relationship with another, but you can’t seem to help to think about it.  Of course you would deny that to your friends, maybe even to your stotic ‘nope, I don’t need anyone’ self.  But sometimes, while youre alone, in the middle of the night, or during this holiday season, you feel that need and it’s accompanying desire.

It was with those thoughts I invited special guest Olavé Sebastien on my live radio broadcast What About Me


Olavé is a speaker, male emotional disrupter, influencer and author of Memoirs of a Hopeful Romantic. 

Olavé is passionate about informing and inspiring men of color that they were created to love and display emotions despite their life struggles.   He teaches men of color that the walls around their heart can be slowly removed by having an open and trusting mindset that love does exist in all aspects of relationships, be it romantic or platonic.  

Check out the interview right here:   What About Me Episode 3.

If you are ready to clear your love trauma, so you can move on, and become fully connected to yourself and to others, so you can start living the life of your dreams, I invite you to contact me.  Let’s have a conversation to see if I can help guide you there.

I’m Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen, Creater of the Monetize Your Mind Success System.  I guide women to tap into the most successful version of themselves.


My Internet Went Down Minutes Before The Show

Yesterday 10 minutes before  my first live broadcast of  my radio show, What About Me was scheduled to begin, the unthinkable happened my internet went down.

I certainly felt the stress of it.



When I first went into business for myself, I thought I would primarily miss the golden handcuffs, you know the paycheck.  Turns out, what I really miss is IT support.

I’m not a techie, and picking up the phone in corporate and dialing helpdesk was a weekly routine.  Working for myself, guiding woman to double their income, working the hours they want, doing what they love, apparently I am my own IT.   So, after frantically searching for a bobbypin to hit the reset button on my modem, one eye on the clock, one eye on the modem, I admitted to myself, you miss the  IT department.  Minutes later, still no internet.   I called my internet provider and they confirmed, my internet was indeed offline.

And Megan, comforted me with the familiar IT magic words “unplug your modem, and plug it back in again.”   Voila, my internet was back up, IT was simply a phone call away!

Internet stablized, my first broadcast went off without a hitch.   I even remembered to record it.   Check out my featured interview with Dhylles Victoria, Publicist and Media Story Creator.

And join me every Sunday, at 3pm est on, as we disrupt the thoughts that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.




This is my year of Jubilee.  What comes to mind when you hear the word Jubilee.  Is it happiness, joy, freedom, the ultimate gift of utter fulfillment or celebration?

For me, the word Jubilee was the name of the first horse (and only to date) horse i ever owned.  A dapple gray mare, one which I gave up when I discovered I was pregnant with my firstborn (that’s a money story for another day).

But later on about eight years ago I learned the true definition of Jubilee.  For me the true definition is the biblical definition.  It is:

The Jubilee is the Emancipation

A trumpet blast of liberty.woman blowing the shhofar

 The Jubilee then came every fifty years.  When the trumpet sounded on the fiftieth year, liberty would be proclaimed “throughout the land to all its inhabitants” and then all of the property that had been taken by others for unpaid debts would have to be returned to the original families.  

All those who were enslaved would have to be set free.  There was also the command to give the land a rest from its labor of producing for the people. 

Jubilee is freedom from what enslaves you.   As announced at a trumpet blast,  I am announcing, as it is my 50th year, this is my year of Jubilee, and without standing on ceremony I announce it can your year of Jubilee as well.

This is our season of emancipation from limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck.  This is our season of restoration of wealth, relationships, health, and over all well being.   This is our year to be freed from the enslaveement of debt, of insecurity, from low self esteem, from self-criticism, doubt, failure and isolation.  For years, I have been enslaved by limiting beliefs that has affected every area of my life:  my money, my career, my relationships, my health, my weight, my choices….and I proclaim loudly that this is the year of my Jubilee and you are welcome to join me.

As I prepared for my year of Jubilee, I found EFT (commonly referred to as Tapping) to be the modality I turned to time and time again.  It has worked for me as well as for my 1:1 clients in turning down the flight or fight response, the stress response, so that you can function with clarity.  I have also found that it nullifies and completely renders useless the limiting beliefs that we have held onto, those limiting beliefs that leave you enslaved in a circumstance that no longer serves you. 

What-was-the-year-of-JubileeEnslaved in:

  • debt;
  • insecurity;
  • low self-esteem;
  • overweight;
  • poor eating habits;
  • self-critical;
  • isolation; and
  • fear of failure

just to name a few. 

Tapping works.  It simply works, and has been used to treat soldiers who previously suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) .  Because Tapping calms down the fight or flight response, it deregulates the feelings, physical reactions and programmed beliefs that often go unchecked, and course through our nervous system everytime we think about our money, our savings, our  income, our goals,  our relationships, our body,  our weight, our souls purpose; our passion and our overall well-being.

As I worked with my clients this year, one thing I would often hear is while they knew the power of Tapping and that Tapping really changed things for them, they often ran out of time during the day to actually take the time to tap, or they weren’t really certain what to say when they tapped.    Oh that tricky lizard brain of ours, always trying to protect us from change.

Since I know what to say when Tapping, and have a talent for getting to core issues rather quickly, and a persistance for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to living fully,  I determined for my year of Jubilee that I would tap daily for 1-5 minutes a day, unconditionally, and hold the space to be your accountability partner…and that is how Live Fully and Completely On Purpose, 365 Daily Tapping Audios Sent To Your Inbox was created.  It was created from my determination that this is my year of Jubilee. My year of freedom and emancipation.   

Click on the link below to join me and Live Fully and Completely on Purpose over the next 365 days as we experience the compound benefits of tapping.

It Is Time For Jubilee!

The theme of our Jubilee is wholeness and completeness on purpose.  Over the next 365 days you will receive a daily tapping audio directly from me, the tapping queen, and as your accountability partner we will tap together for 1-5 minutes a day.  I announce that this is the season of your Jubilee!