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“Keisha is a breath of fresh air in the tapping world. Well, in the world in general, really!Her bespoke tapping scripts are incredible. If you haven’t had any luck with following along to generic scripts, work with Keisha! The results will blow your mind and shift fears you have been holding onto for years.”

Laura Powner Mind & Money Mentor

Agnes Kowalksi“As a wealth therapist, I have done A LOT of tapping, years worth and I have NEVER been as deeply transformed as I have by Keisha’s custom tapping scripts. Her voice, her energy, and her power is unparalleled. I listen to her scripts daily and they have caused an enormous shift in my ability to energize, motivate, and meet my inner self exactly where I need to be to create massive change. By far, she is someone I feel heard by and relate to unlike a lot of the tapping stuff I have come across previously that just didn’t land as authentically as it does with Keisha and her incredible gift of knowing how to speak to your fears and ambitions. Her tools are incredible and she has helped many of my clients address long standing issues with her work.” – Agnes Kowalski Forbes And USA Weekly Featuring Wealth Therapist 

CherylPopeClark“Working with Keisha has to be one of the most rewarding experiences in network marketing! Because we are Facebook friends, I was able to watch her live videos on her inspirational coaching page. When I saw her offer to try a product she was promoting for
free, I jumped on it and have been blessed significantly! She is a true coach in every sense of the word! She clearly explains what steps to take and why she is very patient when you don’t quite get it the first time. She is extremely knowledgable about the business, the products, and she is so sincere in her delivery that she effortlessly sells whatever she is sharing information about. As a result of working with Keisha, I truly aspire to model the effective leadership that she demonstrates.” – Cherly Pope Clark Online Entrepreneur 


“It’s always been easy for me to love myself. But it wasn’t until I started working with Keisha that I started to VALUE myself! One of Keisha’s gifts is setting others on the right path. Whether it’s help with wording, goal setting or mind set, Keisha always gives me the gentle push I need to keep moving FORWARD. So grateful to have met her! – Tamara Wockenfuss @BecomeAFearlessMama


GinaTestimony“God sent me one of his angels. If you ever felt like you hit rock bottom and didn’t know how to get back up or maybe you have bumped into one of life’s brick walls and didn’t know where to turn, then please, please, please book a session with Keisha Dixon! My background was full of bottoms and brick walls. Keisha helped me get out of that bottomless pit, she steered me around those brick walls and shined a light on me that is so bright, even I am in awe of myself. Because of her I am the Founder and CEO of my own company and I am no longer just trying to do anything, I AM ACTUALLY DOING IT! I am convinced God sent me one of his Angels and I am and always will be forever grateful! – Gina Smith  Online Health and Wellness Coach

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