Modern life causes a wide range of ailments which many people turn to medication to help them with. I am here to show you an alternative, something that will help you not only with the symptom but with the cause. That something is tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).



Who I help

I work primarily with women who are either working climbing the corporate career ladder or are busy running their own businesses. On the surface they have it all and yet time and again their money isn’t showing up in the way they need it to. They live in a boom and bust cycle where they have money and then it disappears due to unexpected expenses or emergencies. Some of them have a massive amount of debt and no real work/life balance. All of them want more money to enjoy themselves and live the life they have always desired.

If this sounds like you, you really are not alone. Not so long ago I was in your position…despite earning a six-figure salary I was in a financial mess, facing foreclosure through being over-generous with my money. As a single Mother of 6, I needed something to change and I sought the assistance of a Wealth Therapist who introduced me to tapping. When I discovered the immediate relief I received when I first tapped on my lack of savings, I was hooked! I realized it was my mindset that I needed to work on and my relationship with money needed to shift from one of fear to love. 

I dove into all things tapping and connected with Margaret Lynch, who is a known EFT expert. I trained with Margaret as a Tapping Into Wealth coach; I’ve also trained with  John Maxwell for public speaking, mentoring and coaching. Once I discovered tapping works for everything, I found Philip and Jane Mountrose who combine EFT with other holistic work for rapid results so I trained with them to become a holistic EFT practitioner with their Coaching Awakenings Institute

Now I use all of this training to support the same transformation, utlizing both mindset and strategy, with my clients.

I am passionate about helping other women to authentically and powerfully show up as their best selves so that they can own their value and attract the wealth they deserve.


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