My name is Keisha Dixon, creator of the Monetize Your Mind Success System,  and I have lived this—where you are, at this moment in time, wringing your hands over tomorrow. I was a single mother of 6, earning a six-figure salary that by degrees began experiencing financial attacks that our 7 mouths and lives could barely withstand—and then, along came the pre-foreclosure. I was thoroughly devastated, embarrassed—and in that dark corridor, knocked down to my financial knees; thought there to be no reasonable way out. But there was—and thankfully, I found it.   I dove into all things tapping and connected with Margaret Lynch, who is a known Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert, and intensively trained with her as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach. Additionally, I’ve also trained with the renowned and iconic John Maxwell of The John Maxwell Team, in public speaking, mentoring and coaching. Once I discovered that the tapping technique works for practically everything, I discovered the pioneering Philip and Jane Mountrose, who combine EFT with other holistic work for rapid results, and become a holistic EFT practitioner via their innovative, Coaching Awakenings Institute.

And, for some of the most influential women, just like you, missioned to be professional or personal coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, my unwavering passion has been to pay my miracle forward, by strategically mentoring them, as clients, into the permanent shattering of their cycles of fluctuating profits, wildly varying client censuses, unlivable debt-to-profit ratios, skewed work/life balance experiences, lack of sufficient savings, unreliable health, emotional downturns, and more. And for those high-octane women gliding by soulless, in a 6-figure but unenriching career, I unlock the golden handcuffs keeping you fixed in a career that is no longer your own.

In fact, electrified by my proven, game-changing results for their once flagging practices, businesses, health, and emotions, my clients gave me a nomer: “The Tapping Queen”. As a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach, I indeed take great joy in releasing frustrated individuals, experts, and small business owners, like you, from the chains that bind their achievements, health, and emotions, by training them to develop a critical wealth/wellness manifestation mindset, and to intentionally, actively, level up their processes, in order to achieve lasting, personal and professional success.
So, if you’re exhausted of living on the edge of your profits and potential, and are ready to finally invest in yourself—to take very seriously your life’s missions and desires—I can and will assist you in achieving your every personal and  business goal. This journey to your best self, the walk to your Wealth and Wellness Transformation, is a 1-on-1, 12-week system that graduates you into unlimited personal and professional success. To learn more , and sign up with me to completely unlock your profits and potential, message me here, and together let’s create the brand new—profitable, balanced—whole and blissfully happy, you.



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