Are You Drawing A Blank When Marketing Your Message?

When it comes to posting on social media, so many coaches and healers search for the correct way to share their messaging, only to come up blank, not sure what to say, and when they do post, it doesn’t seem to land as they intended.

Because the post was weighted down with hidden agendas.

Now, I know the phrase “hidden agenda” may sound harsh and treacherous, and mostly that is not the case.

Those hidden agendas could simply be the thoughts:

When they read this post I will book a client so I can finally:

  • Breathe again
  • Feel Relief
  • Feel Successful

Now you know that

  • Breathing,
  • feeling peace (relief from worry),
  • feeling successful,

are not harsh and treacherous, they are real and necessary requirements


they are way too much weight and power to put on a piece of content.

You get to meet those needs directly.

​Your true expression is woven into and connected back to your heart-aligned offer. Especially when your offer is heart aligned from your own mess and miracle personal journey.

Sharing from your heart includes sharing from your own mess and miracle and when accustomed to writing from your head, writing from your heart feels unfamiliar and unperfected

Which is exactly exactly exactly what is being called forth.

That mess is the stuff of miracles. That’s where the test transforms to the testimony. Where the lesson becomes the blessing. Where the mess becomes the miracle.

Gone are the days of “I have all my shit together.”

No, you don’t, and if you believe you do, you’ve abandoned parts of you that will cry out for attention in some really inconvenient ways.

So meet those real needs directly, the ones that have previously created too heavy a weight on sharing your content.

If you need assistance with this, book an It’s My Time consult. I have several processes that will guide you there.

Published by Keisha Dixon

Keisha Dixon is a transformational wealth coach and the creator of Monetize Your Mind Success System. With Tapping Into Wealth and John Maxwell Coaching Certifications, Keisha guides women to shatter their internal glass ceiling, for an increase in income and confidence, so they can really start enjoying life.

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